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Nina (nee nah) Cleere (clear)

Nina started writing for pleasure in elementary school. A voracious reader, she found that putting down words that made people feel certain emotions was SUPER powerful. 


During law school, she discovered beauty boards, a fun stress reliever that may have become a *minor* obsession. She started writing beauty reviews for them and became an administrator of one that had over 10,000 unique hits a month (that was a BIG number back in the early 2000s). She added more lifestyle focused pages to the board and people still exchange the recipes that were shared today (if you'd like a delicious black bean salad that is an amazing summer meal, shoot me an email!). 


Then what happened? 


Nina loved working as an attorney - as Vice President and Corporate Counsel she helped a business double its number of employees (writing all the policy manuals, corporate books, and the website, etc - including google ads which she STILL thinks are useless!) and expand out to 10 states. She also started her own blog on and had hundreds of unique readers everyday. (again this was HUGE back then) Professionally, Nina was thrilled when she became a child welfare attorney. Although, she still didn't stop writing. While there she created study manuals for other attorneys in the office.


Child welfare was wonderful AND tough.


While there, she continued to have friends and family ask for help with writing for themselves and their businesses after hours. She started creating websites. writing product descriptions, blog posts, and setting up social media accounts and posting. It was all so fun!


Now what? 

Nina loved seeing businesses grow because of her writing and decided that doing that was a way to help people AND enjoy life. It requires constantly learning about new things which is something Nina loves to do. I get paid to read, learn, and HELP OTHERS?


Yay! Send me an email if you'd like me to help your business grow. I can't wait!